Let's get down to business, just give me the damn values!

Below is an early glimpse of the Top-200 for 2019.

Since 2001, we've used advanced scouting and statistics to generate expert fantasy football values, winning serious ca$h along the way.
Once the NFL season begins, our auction draft values will become players' trade values.

Have a regular draft format?
No problem! These values apply just as well for regular drafts. Additionally, these values can be useful to you right now to assess draft pick trades.

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Pro Tip: Early in drafts when it's your turn to nominate a player to auction off, nominate an expensive player that you DO NOT want to draft. Draining the budgets of your opponents is paramount in assembling the team you want at the price you want. Be patient and wait for someone else to nominate your favorites. Exceptions may occur near the end of the draft where you nominate and bid on a player, but when your competitors have dollars to spend, nominate players NOT on your wish list.

Pro Tip II: Do NOT rigidly adhere to these values during your draft. Actual values fluctuate wildly from draft to draft. Depending on the draft, paying over your value may end up being a great decision if other players in a particular tier are being auctioned off at a higher price.

Pro Tip III: Make sure you get at least three RB/WR that when healthy, you'd start them every week regardless of matchup. This usually means you'll be be paying at least half of your budget on three players, however this will help ensure your starting lineup won't lose any VORP compared to other teams, and it will allow you to be more flexible with your bench spots throguhut the early part of the season when bench management and free agency matter most. The biggest mistake an auction drafter can make is waiting too long to spend their money on quality players. Don't be the guy with ten Theo Riddicks and Jamison Crowders on your roster, and don't be the guy that has to spend $30 on a kicker at the end of the draft because you were too frugal throughout (I've been this guy and it doesn't feel good).

Bonus Tip: If you really like a guy, pay a few extra bucks, it makes the season more fun.

Good luck this season!

--The FFLiZard

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